Managing customer data is the hardest job in Marketing

We hear you. Marketing has gotten increasingly difficult and maddeningly complex. Marketing automation has helped a bit, but only to help get more efficient at campaigning. The underlying and crucial challenge of optimizing your growing customer data is gathering, synthesizing, segmenting and ultimately turning it into actionable customer insights. This has been largely ignored, or at least delayed. Until now. Welcome to the world of the customer data platform (aka CDP).

The team at QuickPivot has been optimizing customer data for many years. Initially we focused on managed services. Now our primary means for data optimization is through our Award-winning customer data platform. We have been implementing our CDP since before the term was coined. We understand not only how a customer data platform fits into your tech stack, but ultimately how it can transform your entire business.

Shifting to a Customer Data Platform

The reason companies are now adding a customer data platform to their marketing stack Is because the evidence is clear. Better customer data means better customer segmentation, better marketing campaigns and a greater return on investment. A customer data platform enables marketers to address key marketing challenges like data availability, data analysis and campaign optimization. Of course, all of this sounds good, but what does it really mean? Here are some common questions that can be answered with a customer data platform.

  1. How can I combine all my fragmented and scattered data in one place?  
  2. How can I make my unified customer data actionable in a meaningful and scalable way?
  3. How can I better use my customer data to personalize my marketing automation at scale?  
  4. How can I decrease my reliance on IT and empower my team to share data and insights?  
  5. How can I start thinking beyond traditional marketing channels and become 100% customer focused?
Customer Data Platform layout

We Make Customer Data Easy

Unlike other CDPs, QuickPivot enables marketers to seamlessly extend their optimized customer data deeper into their marketing stack. We do this by utilizing our integrated customer journey mapping module, Palette, and our integrated messaging module, Interact. Since our customer data platform is at the core of our integrated marketing suite, we can be as comprehensive a solution as you require.

Why does Marketing need a customer data platform?

  1. It’s rapidly becoming a direct-to-consumer (D2C) world. If you don’t have a strategy for collecting and optimizing all of your customer data, you’ll fall behind.
  2. CDPs are built for and controlled by the Marketing department. This is a fundamental but crucial element as Marketing takes control of its destiny and gains freedom from IT departments.
  3. It creates a single, unified source of customer data. You can gather all your customer views so the entire team has a single source of truth. No sense in having the data if you can’t share it.
  4. It future proofs your tech stack by making all your data accessible to other systems. For meaningful customer insights and analysis, marketing teams need simple yet powerful connectors to enable data flow between systems. CDPs don’t lock you in.
  5. It prepares you to take full advantage of Machine Learning. Our Ada platform can help you uncover a wealth of immediate and actionable customer insights. Our platform accomplishes this by overlaying customer churn models with best product and customer cluster models. After all, you can’t accurately predict with incomplete or messy data. Our tools make sure your data is clean and true.


Many companies we talk to come to us with both general and very specific challenges. They are often looking at various Martech tools to solve problems these tools were simply not designed to solve (or at least not without a lot of unnecessary heavy lifting). We can help you define how each specific piece of your Martech stack plays a role in driving business value. Then we can help to fill in the gaps caused by inaccurate data and a lack of data visibility. Once your data is clean, we can help to implement the necessary tools to help you give your customers a personalized, experiential journey that will help to meet KPI goals and increase your company’s ROI.

Customer Data Platform Comparison

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