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Customer data is the foundation of any modern marketing strategy. To get a unified view of the customer, marketers need to unlock data from legacy systems, as well as fast-moving interaction data such as purchase data, social shares, mobile browsing sessions and so much more.

QuickPivot’s Customer Data Platform enables you to collect data from anywhere in order to build a unified view of the customer. It is built to handle hundreds of customer attributes, can easily accommodate large volumes of transactional data, and allows you to query and analyze the data in sub-second time.

Relying on customer data that is out-of-date, incomplete and full of duplicates means that you’re leaving potential revenue on the table when it comes to your marketing campaigns. By consolidating disparate online and offline data sources, marketers are able to match and merge the information to form a single, accurate record for each customer that everyone in the business can rely on.

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All Customer Data
in One Place

A complete view of the customer involves pulling data from multiple, disparate sources. QuickPivot automates and simplifies the data ingestion process using batch and API processes, letting you focus on how to market with your customer data, instead of how to integrate it

Your Customer Data,
Only Better

Trust that the customer data entering your database is up-to-date and accurate. QuickPivot provides end-to-end data cleansing, normalization, matching and merging processes that result in a complete and reliable set of customer data.

At a Glance

See your data presented in a fundamentally different way. See how many of your customers fall into your critical customer attributes without having to write a single query. Get a baseline understanding of your customer base and develop marketing campaigns that will resonate with each of them.

Less Reliance
on IT

A drag-and-drop interface lets marketers build customer segmentations in the ways that they naturally think, not through SQL queries. An intuitive interface allows marketing teams to get more work done, and lessen their reliance on IT.

Creative Customer

Manipulate and play with your data in a whole new way. Overlay demographic, behavioral, online and offline customer data to create a whole new customer segment. Don’t like the results? Try again! It only takes seconds to run a query.

More Time for

A unified view of the customer means less time arguing about data accuracy, and more time marketing with it. The QuickPivot Customer Data Platform lays the foundation for more personalized marketing and creative campaigns.

Our Integrations

QuickPivot provides out-of-the-box integrations to frequently used applications and data sources. Don’t see the connector or integration that you need? That’s OK, we still have your back. We have a complete library of prebuilt integrations and frequently build custom integrations.

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“As Allen Edmonds further developed its direct-to-consumer business, we knew that we needed a powerful new marketing platform and a flexible business partner. We found both and more in QuickPivot.”
– Colin Hall, Chief Marketing Officer of Allen Edmonds

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