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Reporting & Analytics

Gain holistic reporting across all systems and marketing channels with QuickPivot’s innovative dashboard and visualizations. The QuickPivot platform serves as the system of record, showing a true representation of marketing, and company, results.

Enable Your Team

Decrease reliance on IT or analytics teams using our easy to use drag-and-drop reporting dashboard interface. With the QuickPivot customer data platform, teams can utilize pre-built report templates or quickly create custom dashboards to enable data-driven marketers.

  • Build new report widgets in seconds
  • Build entire dashboards in minutes
  • Publish and share your dashboards for team collaboration and shared insight

Leverage Your Data

Inspire your company to become customer-centric and give the entire company a single source of truth. The QuickPivot customer data platform shares the power of first party customer data with all business units – in-store, merchandising, marketing, analytics, etc. Flexible, custom reporting allows for real-time analysis and a deeper customer understanding.

  • Create reports for every department in seconds through our simple, yet powerful, reporting UI
  • Utilize one-click drill down for household and contact level analysis
  • Overlay contact demographic data with marketing, revenue results for deeper insights
Data Analytics, Reporting, Marketing Analytics

Leverage Your Systems

Harness the power of all your customer data, no matter the originating system for more complete reporting. The QuickPivot Customer Data Platform brings together data from disparate systems that have historically never played well together. QuickPivot removes data formatting barriers, allowing information such as campaign results, purchases or orders, inventory levels, and call center disposition data to create dashboards, visualizations and reports. Say goodbye to your Excel sheets.

  • Utilize our robust business intelligence capabilities to better analyze data sitting in existing systems
  • Access aggregate data to better understand how customers are interacting with every marketing channel or brand touchpoint

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