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Identity Resolution

Gain a 360-degree view of your customers. QuickPivot allows you to see how customers interact with your brand across marketing, sales and customer experience channels. With this complete view, brands can move beyond channel management and focus on customer loyalty and building relationships.

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Unified View of the Customer

Resolve known contacts from all systems with the QuickPivot Customer Data Platform and engage your customer in advanced cross-channel marketing campaigns. QuickPivot’s identity resolution lets brands have a conversation with a person instead of an email address or device ID, leading to better personalization and a better brand experience for the customer.

  • Resolve known customer identities across systems and channels, including cross-device identification
  • Leverage Machine Learning to enhance contact profile completeness
  • Understand behavior across multiple marketing and purchase channels

Transform & Enhance

Execute simple or complex data transformations, aggregations, and calculations with built-in tools designed for marketers. Modify your data on the fly using math, string, data/time, numeric or logic functions without needing to burden your IT or technology teams.

Identity Resolution
customer identity resolution


Scale seamlessly from tens of thousands to tens of millions of contacts with any number of input systems. Get immediate value out of new systems through QuickPivot’s out of the box database connectors that hook seamlessly into the identity resolution process. Build a marketing database that fits your needs without worrying about a fixed data model.

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