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Direct Mail Marketing

Tired of campaign tools that can’t tell the difference between a multi and a superdupe? Build complex, segmented, direct mail marketing campaigns directly in QuickPivot’s online segmentation model tool. We enable marketers to take control of their schedule by blending modern database speed and flexibility with tried-and-true direct marketing practices typically reserved for expensive service bureaus.

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Build Offline, Online

  • Interact with and adjust your house file segmentation on the fly
  • Develop complex segmentations leveraging your full multichannel relational database including transactions, online activity, promotion history and 3rd party data
  • Control your own calendar. Circulation managers can access live counts and reports directly in the QuickPivot UI, no waiting or trading spreadsheets via email

Harness Recency

  • No hotlines necessary – watch your house file counts grow every day with live segmentation
  • Leverage last-minute web and email behaviors as soon as they hit the database
  • Gain more control of your process by removing dependencies on service bureau timelines for reporting and updates
  • Change priorities, split, and rekey on the fly through our flexible UI – reports directly out of the QuickPivot CDP reduces reliance on outside vendors
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direct mail marketing

Rented List Processing

  • Manage prospect database functionality as part of the house file segmentation tool for improved list visibility compared to traditional merge/purge processes
  • Achieve zero-day recency on prospect files via our prospect upload process
  • Leverage traditional list interaction tools including superdupes, multis and prior promotion history
  • Enable both traditional and multichannel response analysis via matchback and flexible business rules

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