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Customer Data Segmentation

Run lightning fast queries to analyze and create smarter customer segments, accelerating data discovery and enabling 1:1 marketing. The QuickPivot Customer Data Platform allows end-users to quickly and easily add new segmentation data sources or attributes, no coding required.

Customer Data Segmentation

Query and Segment

Activate your first party data through QuickPivot’s intuitive drag-and-drop segmentation interface. Easily build and reuse queries, segments, and audiences for increased campaign build efficiency. Custom queries targeting only the data deemed most important can be completed in seconds.

  • Run queries and segmentations without relying on IT or data analytics teams
  • Perform micro-segmentation based on preferences, past purchases, predicted outcomes, and more
  • Create audiences for look-a-like targeting in Facebook, Google, or DMPs

Customer Insights

Instantly obtain real-time statistics on a variety of customer metrics for on-the-fly analysis. Built-in machine learning algorithms also help to create actionable customer insights.

  • Access real-time customer counts based on campaign activity history and database attributes for quick marketing plan or media adjustments
  • Use our built-in Ada Machine Learning models to calculate customer churn or predict purchase behaviors and activate in analysis or audience segmentation
Data Segmentation

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