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Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Control the customer experience and increase marketing efficiency with cross-channel marketing campaigns that turn buyers into loyal customers for life. QuickPivot’s cross-channel lifecycle orchestration interface outputs across multiple channels, giving users the power to blend email, direct mail, digital, and SMS in one individual journey. String journeys together for ongoing customer or prospect nurture.

Multichannel Marketing

Data at work

Develop cross-channel campaigns that are built on the foundation of your customer data in the QuickPivot platform.

  • Harness all available data points for campaign decisions, like campaign entrance, exit or the path to the next message or channel
  • Use the most up-to-date behavioral datapoints across all marketing channels to guide customer through an engaging and relevant journey
  • Adhere to privacy or touch governance policies via channel subscription and preferences


Build and visualize cross-channel campaigns the easy way. QuickPivot’s journey orchestration UI allows for the highest level of flexibility – plan, execute, pause, edit, and improve every campaign quickly and easily. We give users the power of “Water through the pipes”, which show the current count of contacts in each step, allowing for easy editing or rerouting.

  • Patented “doughnut” interface removes branching decisions by clustering outcomes around an object
  • Experience 5x to 10x efficiency gains through simplified user interface
cross-channel marketing
Multichannel Marketing, Multichannel Orchestration

Built-In Messaging

Thanks to our segmentation and outgoing data feeds, the QuickPivot customer data platform can support data activation in external systems, like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, MailChimp, or Eloqua. However, for companies that are looking to consolidate their technology stacks, QuickPivot’s built-in Email Services Provider (ESP) provides a powerful platform for marketing execution.

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