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CDP System Connectors

Integrate and aggregate data from every system in your technology stack via our pre-built system connectors. Quickly and easily import data, apply formatting rules, and schedule refreshes, all with no coding required.

system connectors

Ingest and Consolidate

The QuickPivot UI removes the reliance on developers through an easy to use integration setup. Users simply select their desired system connector out of our list of 200+ systems, assign rules, and set frequency. Don’t see your system in our list? No problem. Custom connectors can be built in a snap.

  • Capture data using pre-built and custom data pipelines, no coding required
  • Add or remove system connectors as new technologies are introduced or retired
  • Assign data transformation rules at a field level for each individual connector

Automate and Optimize

Perform individual customer data management processes accounting for each source system’s refresh schedules and API requirements.

  • Schedule incoming or outgoing data feeds based on use cases or system requirements
  • Utilize aggregated CDP data in outgoing data feeds for improved personalization and activation
Data Integrations

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