What makes our platform unique

For starters, a U.S. design patent and a handful of industry innovation awards. While the awards are nice, and the patent affords us a certain exclusivity in design, it’s what marketers can finally do with QuickPalette that is most exciting for us. For years marketers complained that planning multi-touch, multi-channel marketing programs, and then turning them into production deployments was an ugly, time-consuming process.

QuickPalette breaks that cycle. It makes lifecycle programs simple to design, efficient to develop, a snap to measure, and easy to modify. With a radical new interface based on “Outcome Donuts” rather than traditional decision trees, marketers are able to quickly turn complex ideas into fast moving programs. Rather see it in action now? Click here to watch our demo.


Tidy Up the Clutter

Ask any marketer and they will tell you that customer lifecycle program are complex by their nature. Most marketing tools make building them even harder because they rely on traditional “tree” diagrams to visualize the program workflow. Those tree diagrams explode with complexity, and create visual spaghetti as soon as you link a few customer contact events. QuickPalette breaks this cycle with the introduction of a radical new planning object called an Outcome Donut. Outcome Donuts makes complex designs much easier to visualize, and eliminates 50-70% of the clutter found in alternative lifecycle marketing tools.


Save a Ton of Time

Building customer lifecycle programs in other tools wastes time as marketers shuffle their designs from white-board, to PowerPoint, to Visio and then finally into production, essentially building the same program 2-3 times before launching it. There isn’t a marketing team on the planet that can afford to squander that much time. QuickPalette enables marketers to both plan and deploy lifecycle programs in the same user interface. Initial designs come together quickly. Designers can convey crucial information for both business and technical users, and then work with operational teams to move into full production of those programs with zero rework. This saves tons of time and money, and allows teams to focus on what matters most, the customer experience.


See “Water Through the Pipes”

When customer lifecycle programs are running marketers want see exactly how (and how many) customers are moving through the program, responding offers, commenting to friends on social networks, purchasing, providing reviews, etc. This is the proverbial “water through the pipes” that marketers crave since it gives them instant insight into where and how the customer is responding to their program. QuickPalette provides this critical visibility through an intuitive interface that captures customer behavior at every touch-point, and updates counts directly in the lifecycle diagram as the lifecycle is running. Marketers see in real-time whether their programs are working, or not.


Be Agile and Modify a Running Program

For years marketers have lacked easy-to-understand, real-time results, and they have been burdened by massive programs that were hard enough to launch, never mind edit. All of that changes with QuickPalette. Complex programs are not only understood with ease, they can be paused, analyzed in real-time, modified and restarted. This gives marketers the chance to make changes and be agile, and that’s competitive advantage pure and simple.

Solving these challenges was our goal, but because virtually every other application caused these problems rather than fixed it, we had to start from scratch, and develop something entirely new. The results are truly remarkable.

Solving these challenges was our goal, but because virtually every other application caused these problems rather than fixed them, we had to start from scratch, and develop something entirely new. The results are truly remarkable, and the best way to understand it is to see it action.

Watch QuickPalette in Action                                 View the QuickPalette Product Brief