What makes our platform similar

When you strip away the jargon, and focus on what’s needed to produce killer marketing results, you find six core requirements of all marketing cloud solutions (SaaS marketing platforms). Some people call them table stakes. We call them The Big Six.

Any cloud solution worth its salt should provide out-of-the-box capabilities for The Big Six. Here’s how we do it:


Single View of the Customer – We call it QuickCollect.

QuickCollect provides a 360 degree view of the customer based on batch and real-time updates of data. QuickCollect does the hard job cleaning, matching, merging, updating and making available all your customer data.


Targeting and Segmentation – We call it QuickTarget.

QuickTarget is customer segmentation, targeting, and analysis with an easy-to-use interface. It provides Big Data performance without big dollar sticker shock, and let’s nimble brands compete on any playing field.


Lifecycle Management – We call it QuickPalette.

QuickPalette is where you plan, design, and produce your fully automated customer lifecycle workflows. Simple and intuitive, yet powerful and flexible are good ways to describe it. Patented and award-winning are other nice things that we can say about it.


Email Service Provider (ESP) – We call it QuickInteract

QuickInteract is a complete, cross-channel content creation and delivery module that includes email, print, PURL, web, social, and SMS. Just in case it’s not clear, yes, we are indeed an ESP, but like most enterprise-class ESP’s, the platform supports email and so much more.


Measurement, Reporting and Dashboards – We call it QuickImpact.

QuickImpact is where all of your campaign performance data is captured, and available in a dashboard builder. QuickImpact assembles data for ongoing campaign attribution and measurement right where you need it. At your fingertips.


Integration – We call it having a boatload of APIs.

Almost 200 of them and counting. We standardize availability of our APIs on the MuleSoft AnyPoint platform. Marketers know that even the best solutions need to integrate with complementary capabilities, and we’re proud to be a MuleSoft partner with a rich API library.

The Big Six might seem like a lot, but they really are table stakes for 2016 marketers. If your vendor(s) don’t easily and completely provide these capabilities to you and your team, then we hope that we get to meet you soon. Please poke around our site for more product information, and if you don’t find what you need, give us a call.

The best way to understand it is to view our QuickTarget module in action. For additional information on QuickTarget, view the product brief.

Watch QuickPalette in Action                                 View the QuickPalette Product Brief