What makes our platform better

QuickTarget is a customer segmentation and targeting module that is simply a cut above the rest. Sure, other tools also provide out-of-the-box segmentation, but how many of them give you impossibly fast performance, scalability, ease of use and affordability? QuickTarget provides it all and then some. Rather see it in action now? Click here to watch our demo.



It’s fast. QuickTarget queries run in sub-second time, which allows you to iteratively build powerful segments and work at the speed of thinking. That translates into creativity, responsiveness and market advantage.



It scales. Sub-second performance is consistent even on massive data sets (tens of millions of records are just fine, thank you). There is no lower or upper limit in terms of database size, nor do you need a specialized Big Data infrastructure or hardware stack.



It doesn’t break the bank. Performance carries no sticker shock as the underlying engine runs on virtualized, commodity hardware. It means that mid-size brands with small budgets can have Big Data performance.


Pretty in Print

Most digital marketing tools conveniently forgot that print marketing is a $46B annual industry. Not only did we remember, but we did something about it. QuickTarget provides full waterfall segmentation planning in your browser. Never again does your email team need to work in a different tool than your catalog team. QuickTarget combines online and offline campaign segmentation in the same UI, so that targeting can be coordinated across channels.


Ease of Use

Drag and drop features mean that users come up to speed in days, not weeks. Behavior based segments are pre-packaged so there is no learning curve. Analysis tools including cross-tabs, frequency distribution, Venn diagrams and look-a-like models are all out-of-the-box capabilities. No SQL knowledge is required, but power users have full SQL comparison operators to get any job done with ease.

Sure, everyone does targeting and segmentation, but pound for pound QuickTarget punches way above its weight class. With the ability to deploy QuickTarget in days, better targeting is around the corner, and with it comes a 2x – 5x lift in campaign performance.

Watch QuickTarget in Action                                 View the QuickTarget Product Brief