Platform features at a glance

QuickPivot is a complete SaaS cross-channel marketing suite. It stores and updates all customer data, hosts all content, supports inbound and outbound channels, and automates decisions so that every customer gets what they want, when they want it, wherever they are. With a simple and intuitive interface that doesn’t dumb things down for sophisticated marketers, QuickPivot provides all the features marketers need to take their programs to the next level. And with over 200 APIs available, QuickPivot easily integrates with other SaaS solutions.

Summary of features by module


  1. Flexible and elastic contact database that scales from tens of thousands to tens of millions of contacts
  2. Supports simple to complex customer matching logic
  3. Supports contact level, transactional level, and unstructured or Big Data


  1. Build, save, and reuse queries using familiar drag and drop tools, or use full SQL comparison operators
    without needing to learn SQL
  2. Schedule, automate or build ad-hoc queries that return results in seconds even on massive data sets
  3. Analyze your query results using waterfall, look-a-like, Venn diagram, cross-tab and frequency distribution tools


  1. Design, document and deploy automated customer lifecycle programs
  2. Schedule and fully automate “next best” content and offer decisions
  3. Analyze, pause, refine, and resume running programs from one simple interface


  1. Publish messages in six channels (email, SMS, PURL, print, web, social)
  2. Host, build and refine content with simple WYSIWYG editors
  3. Define and deploy automated content testing schemes, i.e.) A/B tests, no-mail holdbacks, champion vs. challenger
  4. Establish touch frequency limits per customer based on automated business rules


  1. View and filter over 30 standard reports that aggregate both summary and detail level metrics
  2. View all of your baseline cross-channel marketing metrics with easy-to-understand summary visualizations
  3. Build custom dashboards based on any aggregated data in the system, so you always have your key performance
    measures handy
  4. Publish, distribute or export your reports and raw data with just a few clicks, or fully automate the distribution of report data with drag and drop workflow tools.


  1. Connect to data sources and listen for critical patterns of behavior or updates to data in real-time
  2. Use that real-time data to make split second decisions about customer targeting, content, or offers
  3. Run "lights-out" analysis of data to constantly monitor deviations for expected normal customer behavior so you can take action