ESP capabilities at a glance


QuickPivot scored at the top of its class in Red Pill Email’s 7th annual Email Features and Functions Guide. This was a particularly important year for the guide since Red Pill acknowledged an industry trend long held true in the marketplace, citing directly that “several mid-market vendors assessed in this guide punch above their weight class, and sophisticated 2016 buyers would be well served to examine a mix enterprise and mid-market solutions.”

Thirty two vendors participated in this year’s guide. Only six vendors were willing to undergo Red Pill Email’s rigorous verification process. Verification means that you don’t get to answer “yes” to a question without demonstrating that feature to a Red Pill email analyst. Given how the verification process leaves you no place to hide, we were not surprised that 26 vendors ducked. Like we said, no place to hide.

Some highlights from the full report:

QuickPivot had the highest overall score when it came to managing and controlling relational sets of data

QuickPivot had the highest overall score for building queries and segmenting data

QuickPivot had the highest overall score for importing and exporting data

QuickPivot had the highest overall score for building and managing the various web forms that support email marketing strategies

QuickPivot was only one of two vendors to offer flat rate, CPM-based, tiered, term, and free trial pricing options

Check it out for yourself by downloading the report, and if you have questions please feel free to post them as comments.
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