Do you fit the profile?

Building great software means that you always have an end user in mind. Here’s a profile of who we think about when we’re designing new features, and debating how the platform should behave.

Meet Alex

Alex is a brand person. She’s creative, visual, strategic, and thinks in terms of customer experiences first and data and technology second. She has a degree in fine arts, liberal arts, marketing or communications, but she can also balance left and right brain thinking, and understands technology and data analysis. Alex needs tools to energize her creative and conceptual thinking, and she’s got big ideas, so dumbing things down won’t work. She needs software that make the inherently complex job of marketing easier.  Alex works as part of a marketing team, and she and her peers hold titles such as marketing operations manager, customer experience manager, digital marketing manager, ecommerce manager, and digital marketing analyst.

She has high aspirations for customer experience management, and the customer is moving pretty fast, so our software has to move even faster or Alex will fall behind. Alex and her peers are skilled. Many come out of creative agencies where they had exposure to Adobe design products. They are familiar with HTML, CSS and have varying degrees of proficiency in designing web content (email, web forms, web pages).  All of them have some database experience. Some know java script, and whether they can code it or not they all have ideas about what it can do, and how it can be applied to their digital marketing tactics.

Alex and her peers are also comfortable building reports in simple BI tools, or extracting data to build custom reports in any number of off-the-shelf products.Having used other technologies, Alex has a good handle on the steps required to produce marketing programs in many different channels.  She mastered the basics of email marketing years ago, and she’s moved on to creating highly personalized and dynamic experiences across coordinated channels including email, web, display, print, ad, and SMS.

Alex obsesses about the value of her ideas. She thinks constantly about ROI, A/B tests, campaign performance, attribution, and how to measure and maximize results.  She’s mastered email and web metric basics, and things like opens, clicks, click-thru and various web conversion metrics are second nature. Alex has moved on to value metrics that really help her understand the business, and where the next investment dollars should be spread to create the most value.

We hope that you see a little “Alex” in yourself. Whether we end up working with you or not, at least know that there is a dedicated team of software engineers in Boston working really hard every day to build great software for Alex.