One Platform In The Cloud For Each Customer Journey

The QuickPivot marketing platform lets your easily create customer journeys that adapt to customer behavior.
That's why we call it QuickPivot.

Insight, channels and content work together within our platform, so that perfectly timed and tailored messages are received by every customer during critical marketing interaction.

See QuickPivot's QuickPalette campaign module in action.

Step away from the white boards, put down the flow-charts. QuickPalette, an award-winning, unique, and patented campaign production tool, lets you visualize results of campaigns in real-time, and dynamically modify the campaign while it is running. This feature provides a high degree of real-time personalization and contextualization.

Looking for more demos?

Take a peak at QuickPivot's industry leading segmentation engine QuickTarget in action.

QuickTarget lets you continually visualize the attributes and numbers of individuals in your database. You see visual counts with numbers that are continuously updated. When you modify the database or queries, you immediately see the impact. You can analyze results with visualize aids such as crosstab frequency distribution and Venn diagram tools.