All your customer data at your fingertips


Coordinated, dynamic messaging across six channels


Real-time targeting, segmentation and analysis


Data visualization, analysis, insight and meaning


Don’t just build campaigns, be a customer journey artist


Pre-built connectors to make integration a snap

The QuickPivot Platform

Looking for superior customer segmentation? Simplified Cross-channel campaign planning? A more integrated ESP?
Yeah, we do that.


Get a Holistic View of the Customer

The first job of a marketer is to aggregate customers and prospects into a common group. Usually, that’s really hard and requires a lot of heavy lifting by technical folks. Not with Collect. We do this work automatically by cleaning, matching and merging your data together with a few clicks. No SQL required.

Flexible and elastic contact database that scales from tens of thousands to tens of millions of contacts. 

  1. Supports simple to complex customer matching logic
  2. Supports contact level, transactional level, and unstructured or Big Data
  3. All of your data in one location (Database Accordion): Demographic, behavioral, geographic, psychographic, etc
  4. Easily reuse rules & segments
  5. Saved Queries & Lists
  6. Access to real-time campaign activity
  7. Campaign Activity Accordion
  8. Visual integration (Import/Export processes)


Lightning Fast Customer Segmentation (Without the IT Headaches)

Sure, everyone does targeting and segmentation but pound for pound, Target punches way above its weight class. With an easy-to-use interface and the ability to deploy Target in days, better targeting is at your fingertips. Our clients are finding that improved targeting brings 2x to 5x lift in campaign performance.

Schedule, automate or build ad-hoc queries that return results in seconds even on massive data sets

  1. Build, save, and reuse queries using familiar drag and drop tools, or use full SQL comparison operators without needing to learn SQL
  2. Analyze your query results using waterfall, look-alike, Venn diagram, cross-tab and frequency distribution tools

A unique feature of QuickTarget, Scoring Model enables eCommerce and B2C Marketers to easily apply customer data and logic to segmentation and targeting.

  1. Marketers can create any type of score they need – A Value Score? A Risk Score? Even something as nuanced as a Trendsetter Score can now be easily configured.
  2. Scoring queries enable a much more granular review of all customer data and use complex logic to define valuable behaviors. Queries can be saved, reused, and combined to create new scoring schemes with ease.
  3. Five scoring methods are available: Additive, Min, Max, First Matching, and Last Matching. Additive models enable agile segmentation and targeting in real time by increasing or decreasing assigned point values.


Award-winning Customer Journey “Donuts”

Patented, Award-winning Palette is a multi-channel marketer’s dream. It’s where you plan, design, and produce your fully automated customer lifecycle workflows. Simple and intuitive, yet powerful and flexible are good ways to describe it.

Design, document and deploy automated customer lifecycle programs

  1. Schedule and fully automate “next best” content and offer decisions
  2. Analyze, pause, refine, and resume running programs from one simple interface
  3. Visually build out your customer journey
  4. Donuts tie outcomes to messages reducing visual clutter
  5. “Water-through-the-pipes” show results in near-real time


Easily Engage with Customers & Prospects

What started as a dynamic Email Service Provider (ESP), Interact is now a complete, cross-channel content creation and delivery module that includes email, print, PURL, web, social, and SMS.

Host, build and refine content with simple WYSIWYG editors

  1. Define and deploy automated content testing schemes, i.e.) A/B tests, no-mail holdbacks, champion vs. challenger
  2. Establish touch frequency limits per customer based on automated business rules
  3. Consistent message building user-experience across all channels
  4. Powerful dynamic content capabilities using Zones & Layers


Dynamic Insights Into Your Marketing Results

We provide you instant perspective on how effectively your campaigns are performing. Impact is where all of your campaign performance data is captured and made available in a dashboard builder. Impact assembles data for ongoing campaign attribution and measurement right where you need it. At your fingertips.

Over dozens of standard reports that aggregate both summary and detail level metrics

  1. View all of your baseline cross-channel marketing metrics with easy-to-understand summary visualizations
  2. Build custom dashboards based on any aggregated data in the system
  3. Publish, distribute or export your reports and raw data with just a few clicks, or fully automate the distribution of report data with drag and drop workflow tools.
  4. Seamless integration with the most powerful visualization platforms for ad hoc querying and analysis.


Easy to Integrate With Us. Easy for Us to Integrate With Everything.

Connect makes integrations a snap. No more data silos. No more heavy integration projects that drag out for weeks or months.

A comprehensive suite of native APIs allows flexible access to platform objects and data.

Out-of-the-box integrations to common data sources and systems.

connect features

Connect to data sources and listen for critical patterns of behavior or updates to data in real-time

  1. Use that real-time data to make split second decisions about customer targeting, content, or offers
  2. Run “lights-out” analysis of data to constantly monitor deviations for expected normal customer behavior so you can take action

QuickPivot provides out-of-the-box integrations to frequently used applications and data sources.

Don’t see the connector or integration that you need? That’s OK, we still have your back. QuickPivot has an entire library of prebuilt integrations and connectors, as well as the ability to build custom integrations from scratch in days, not weeks or months.

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QuickPivot's platform offers big data performance showcased in tools like robust cross-channel waterfall counts, real-time lifecycle visualization tools that go beyond the typical flowchart style tools.

Kelly Dedman, Technology Analyst

B2C marketers in retail should consider its updated UX, with QuickCollect and QuickTarget for customer segmentation and QuickPalette for campaign workflows.

Vendor Landscape: CCCM, March 2017

QuickPivot's platform can help our clients eliminate data silos, reduce wasted efforts and optimize customer data across online and offline channels.

Lois Brayfield, CEO

As Allen Edmonds further developed its direct-to-consumer business, we knew that we needed a powerful new marketing platform and a flexible business partner. We found both and more in QuickPivot.

Colin Hall, Chief Marketing Officer