QuickPivot’s Nearly Two Decade Journey, From the Dot-Com Era to the Modern One

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In September 2017, MarTech company QuickPivot announced the hiring of their new CEO, Bob Boehnlein. Boehnlein brings three decades of tech experience to the company, with a career that ranges from creating image recognition software through machine learning to analyzing data for marketing teams. It may come as no surprise that Boehnlein found QuickPivot to be a company that was highly compatible with his skillset.

“What made QuickPivot appealing was the opportunity to accelerate a company whose momentum was already growing,” said Boehnlein. “While there are a lot of different solutions in this space, QuickPivot’s platform stood out to me, as it helped accelerate time and value for their type of client.”

QuickPivot has created a SaaS platform for eCommerce companies, retail stores, and marketing teams to analyze and harness customer data through various channels. It does so by incorporating big data analytics, as well as customer insights and journey mapping.

The platform has six different modules, each involving the entire customer engagement process. The modules include one that targets and collects specific customer trend data, to one that progresses a customer’s journey and another that allows a client to see detailed results of a marketing campaign.

One unique trait of the QuickPivot platform is its modularity; it can either be used as a standalone platform, or a client can use one or more of the modules to implement in their existing customer engagement platform.

“The idea is to create a targeted conversation between customer and marketer,” Boehnlein says. “We don’t look to replace a company’s software, we look to fill in the blanks.”

QuickPivot wasn’t always a MarTech company, but their background does involve customer data. Founded in 1997 as Extraprise, the company’s impetus came from a group of Oracle employees who wanted to use their skills in a different field. Extraprise was a systems integrator for companies implementing enterprise CRM packages like Siebel. The company eventually expanded its offering by helping their customers with a variety of marketing software packages, and developed solutions for companies involved in marketing and/or customer data. The company also aggregated customer data, which in turn could be used for analytics and consulting teams.

After finding success in their space, Extraprise began to, pardon the pun, pivot around 5 years ago.

In 2012, Extraprise acquired SmartSource, a Boston tech company that had created marketing and email software. From there, the company’s Chief Product Officer Paul Mandeville led the team to build a whole new marketing platform using Extraprise’s rich history in customer data and CRM.

Three years later, QuickPivot’s new platform went to market. Their platform is used by a variety of clients in both the eCommerce and retail space.

“Our retail clients are always looking to be relevant in both the offline and online space,” Boehnline said. “One of our clients, Tommie Copper, has used QuickPivot to see the results of their print and online campaigns.”

The company’s offices are located right in Downtown Boston and have grown to a team of 100 employees. QuickPivot has managed to create their own employee culture that involves the employees coming together not only to share their own success stories with their customers, but also for a variety of events.

“We want to make it a point to promote a company culture that has a passion for the customer and personal success,” the CEO said. “Every quarter, we hold an awards ceremony for our best-performing employees. We also hold the awards in order to reinforce our culture.”

A more “fun” event the company holds is Beer Tub, where the team at QuickPivot tastes beer from local breweries. QuickPivot also gives back to the Boston community, partaking in various cancer fundraisers every September.

The company has gone from being a dot-com-era systems integrator to being a MarTech company with its own unique SaaS platform used by major retailers and marketing teams nationwide.

“Our ‘secret sauce’ is we live in a noisy world, and marketers need a cohesive way to bring in results and cut out the noise,” said Boehnlein. “QuickPivot is able to bring offline and online together in a way that maximizes the experience not only for marketing teams but for the customers as well.”

Colin Barry is a contributor to VentureFizz.

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