Customer Data Leader QuickPivot Launches Services Offerings to Help Marketers Accelerate Their Direct-to-Consumer Programs

New Offerings Complement Company’s Award-winning Customer Data Platform Capabilities

BOSTON, MA – January 25, 2018 – QuickPivot, the cross-channel marketing platform and services company enabling B2C and B2B companies to market at customer speed, today announced the introduction of six marketing service packages designed to help companies with both short and long-term customer data and campaign needs. QuickPivot brings over 20 years of experience in helping Enterprise organizations achieve their marketing goals and increase marketing ROI. Whether the goal is to improve customer data quality, implement machine learning models, create better data visualization or simply extend the campaign firepower of a marketing team, QuickPivot has the resources and expertise to make it a reality.

“For years, QuickPivot has provided superior data management and marketing services for Fortune 1000 companies,” says Bob Boehnlein, CEO of QuickPivot. “It’s become clear that the fundamental task of collecting and unifying customer data remains elusive for many larger companies, especially as they seek to shift focus to their direct-to-consumer channel. We’ve created these service offerings to provide customers with the necessary resources and expertise to ensure their success.”

As companies continue to build out their marketing-owned technology stacks, QuickPivot is seeing increased requests for managed services that complement these efforts and “fill the gaps” required for optimal marketing efficiency. QuickPivot sees two core themes emerging – unifying all customer data from traditionally siloed sources and making that data immediately actionable across all channels.

“As one of our clients put it, managing customer data is the hardest job in Marketing” adds Dan Rubin, SVP of Professional Services at QuickPivot. “Our goal is to provide flexible and strategic data expertise for companies and leverage our proven team of marketers to develop the types of multi-channel campaigns that have driven millions of dollars in incremental revenues for our clients.”

QuickPivot’s Service Offerings are designed to offer either a short-term performance boost or long-term data management requirements. The company’s six initial service offerings are:

  1. Database Health Scoring: An independent evaluation of your data, your data management processes and the factors that make that data actionable.
  2. Data Refinery: Transform data from disparate sources into comprehensive, clean, and actionable insights.
  3. Customer Data Platform-as-a-Service: Send us your data and we’ll build and manage your customer database for you. This database will integrate all of your customer data, and provide you with a complete view of every customer and every interaction with your brand
  4. Ada (Machine Learning): Use existing data to unearth new customer insights and revenue opportunities. Advanced machine learning algorithms answer the questions most important to you and your business.
  5. Data Analytics & Visualization: Create the reports your boss really wants to see. Your data is telling a story, we’ll help you show it.
  6. Campaign Execution: Are you sending the right communications, to the right customers, at the right time? Our marketing experts help you create marketing campaigns that meet best practices and drive revenue. 

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About QuickPivot

QuickPivot™ delivers fast, powerful, easy-to-use software for smart and nimble marketers with big ideas. The QuickPivot Cross-channel, Campaign Management (CCCM) platform combines big data analytics, discrete customer journey insights, visual and intuitive segmentation, and simplified customer journey mapping in one unified SaaS offering. Winner of several industry innovation awards, the QuickPivot platform enables marketers to deliver coordinated customer experiences across all channels, measure results in real-time, and refine marketing programs to improve performance. As brands look for cost-effective ways to drive rapid campaign creation and execution, QuickPivot is emerging as the vendor of choice. That’s why clients like Shutterfly, HP, Allen Edmonds, the NHL, and over 20 channel partners are turning to QuickPivot as their new marketing hub. For more information, visit


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