QuickPivot Continues to Advance Its Lead in Support of Digital Print

Advanced print channel capabilities align with an increase in marketer’s demand for innovation and integration of online and offline channels.

Boston, MA – June 22, 2016 – QuickPivot, the cloud-based, cross-channel marketing platform enabling B2B and B2C companies to market at customer speed, today announced the release of advanced features to support the design and development of digital print marketing programs.

The QuickPivot cloud marketing platform provides a fast, powerful and affordable customer segmentation and analysis module called QuickTarget. Today’s announcement extends QuickTarget to now include full support for the development of digital print waterfall segmentation plans. With these new capabilities, marketers finally have a cloud-based solution that works equally well for digital channels, as well as the physical channel of print. It translates into a massive efficiency boost for marketers who historically had to maintain specialized technologies and processes for print production. This is incredibly important as marketers increasingly plan and deploy coordinated customer experiences across both physical and digital media. Print is evolving and becoming more integrated with digital media. QR codes and mixed-media experiences are just the beginning. With print forecasted to be a $46 billion spend in 2016, up 1% from last year, it’s clear that print is not dead, but rather it is evolving and will continue to be both a sizeable and strategic investment for brands in 2016 and beyond.

“For years many cloud marketing platforms, which focused on digital-first strategies, ignored the large and complex requirements that the physical channel of print demanded. QuickPivot is pleased to be focused on integrating ALL channels, and we see these new capabilities in print as providing tremendous efficiency and cost savings to clients who typically have to manage multiple tools for multiple channels.” said Paul Mandeville, CPO for QuickPivot. “The development of these capabilities is a testament to the endurance and value of digital print, and QuickPivot’s commitment to this important channel.”

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QuickPivot™ delivers fast, powerful, easy-to-use software for smart and nimble marketers with big ideas. The QuickPivot Cross-channel, Campaign Management (CCCM) platform combines big data analytics, discrete customer journey insights, visual and intuitive segmentation, and simplified customer journey mapping in one unified SaaS offering. Winner of several industry innovation awards, the QuickPivot platform enables marketers to deliver coordinated customer experiences across all channels, measure results in real-time, and refine marketing programs to improve performance. As brands look for cost-effective ways to drive rapid campaign creation and execution, QuickPivot is emerging as the vendor of choice. That’s why clients like Shutterfly, HP, Allen Edmonds, the NHL, and over 20 channel partners are turning to QuickPivot as their contemporary marketing hub. For more information, visit

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