Cross-Channel Campaign Management Innovator, QuickPivot Leverages MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform

Boston, MA – November, 6, 2015 – QuickPivot, the award-winning, cross-channel marketing platform enabling B2B and B2C companies to market at customer speed, today announced it has added enhanced connectivity to its consolidated database and cross-channel solutions by using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™. By leveraging MuleSoft’s deep API management and integration capabilities across retail, financial services and a number of other industries, QuickPivot is now allowing seamless integration with leading applications, services, and data sources.

As 87% of customers think more brands need to put more effort into customer experience (ZenDesk) and companies with strong omni-channel customer engagement retaining 89% of their customers (Aberdeen), the marketing industry is now laser focused on finding technology that can connect to anything, any time and any device. For nearly two decades, QuickPivot, formerly known as Extraprise, has been solving complex database management, data consolidation, and analytics challenges for some of the world’s largest technology and financial institutions. Those capabilities were expanded in 2013 with the release of the QuickPivot platform, a complete, scalable, SaaS, cross-channel campaign management suite with over 200 APIs. Doing so allows QuickPivot to offer a unique, full service solution in the current wave of open marketing cloud platforms that need a common framework for connectivity.

While originally designed to leverage its own open platform to connect to a large ecosystem of independent applications, the implementation of MuleSoft’sAnypoint Platform expands that capability to ensure it can happen faster and easier to integrate data and applications between QuickPivot and any other system. MuleSoft provides a complete and unified cloud-ready platform for just that purpose. Anypoint Platform frees developers and marketing analysts from the hassle of maintaining custom integrations, while allowing data and services to more freely flow to and from the QuickPivot application. It also ensures that any data from the QuickPivot platform can flow into the marketing, CRM, call center and other touch-point systems of record for any company. For marketers this ensures a more accurate, unified customer profile, more relevant sales and marketing actions, higher rates of customer engagement, and better campaign performance.

Under the current partnership, key features of the QuickPivot platform now include:

Rapid, Cost-effective Integration Processes.

Anypoint Platform has connectors and tooling that provide rapid connectivity to thousands of endpoints, allowing QuickPivot to immediately leverage for reliable, high-performance connectivity at a fraction of traditional costs of custom integration, and none of the traditional risks.

Liberation of Developer Resources:

Developers working with QuickPivot’s APIs get a cleaner, faster, and more robust development experience. MuleSoft’s platform empowers a common framework and full SDK for software developers looking to leverage the rich QuickPivot API library. This reduces the amount of time it takes for developers to complete their integrations and custom projects. It frees developers to focus on strategy and innovation instead of how the APIs work and connect.

Better Performance Management and Transparency.

With QuickPivot’s APIs running on MuleSoft’s platform, systems engineers have full visibility into the flow of API traffic, and have world-class tools to manage it for optimal performance during peaks and valleys.

Future-Proof Connectivity.

MuleSoft provides more than just prebuilt connections – the platform provides a framework for building any connector. With Anypoint Platform, QuickPivot can build connectivity with a high degree of performance and reliability, along with lower costs than custom code, to meet new requirements as needed.

MuleSoft’sAnypoint Platform enables users to design, run, manage and analyze APIs from one, unified interface. In addition, Anypoint Platform comes equipped with integration to thousands of endpoints and systems, including Magento, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, DoubleClick by Google, and several social media outlets and SQL and NoSQL database platforms. As QuickPivot continues to invest in the retail market, those mission critical retail systems must be integrated.

According to QuickPivot CPO Paul Mandeville, “MuleSoft is the platform that enables QuickPivot to connect to anything, while also enabling everyone to connect to QuickPivot. We are known for building fast, powerful, easy-to-use software for smart marketers with great ideas, but not a lot of time. With Anypoint Platform in place, it is going ensure our clients are able to execute agile strategies that can evolve with the endless stream of devices and channels now navigated by the digital consumer. This is a very important business move for us and great news for our clients and partners.”

Brent Grimes, Vice President of Global Customer Success, MuleSoft said, “We are excited to see QuickPivot embrace MuleSoft’sAnypoint Platform to accelerate the speed of their business and create a world-class experience for their customers and partners. QuickPivot’s API-led approach is not about simply connecting systems, but creating market differentiation by securely unlocking data across a broad internal and external ecosystem.”

About QuickPivot:

QuickPivot™ delivers fast, powerful, easy-to-use software for smart and nimble marketers with big ideas. The QuickPivot Cross-channel, Campaign Management (CCCM) platform combines big data analytics, discrete customer journey insights, visual and intuitive segmentation, and simplified customer journey mapping in one unified SaaS offering. Winner of several industry innovation awards, the QuickPivot platform enables marketers to deliver coordinated customer experiences across all channels, measure results in real-time, and refine marketing programs to improve performance. As brands look for cost-effective ways to drive rapid campaign creation and execution, QuickPivot is emerging as the vendor of choice. That’s why clients like Shutterfly, HP, Allen Edmonds, the NHL, and over 20 channel partners are turning to QuickPivot as their contemporary marketing hub. For more information, visit

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