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  • Guide to Multichannel Marketing
  • Breaking Down MarTech Silos
  • Guide to Customer Data Segmentation
  • The Future of the Customer Data Platform
  • How a Unified Customer View Multiplies Marketing Effectiveness
  • Webinar Recording | Getting at the Heart of Customer Loyalty
  • The Way We Shop: Getting at the Heart of Customer Loyalty
  • The 2019 Holiday Shopping Guide
  • customer centricity whitepaper
    Understanding Customer Centricity in the Retail Sector
  • customer centricity webinar
    Webinar Recording | Best Practices for Customer Centricity in Retail
  • retail CDP case study
    MacKenzie-Childs Case Study: Boosting Sales & Customer Acquisition
  • Integrating Direct Mail Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Retail Use Cases for a Customer Data Platform
  • Challenges in Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Customer Data Platforms: Not Just for Marketers Anymore
  • Notes from the Field: Customer Data Platforms
  • 5 Essentials for a Successful CDP Implementation
  • Boosting a Bank's Bottom Line with a CDP
  • Customer Data Platform vs. CRM
  • Webinar Recording | Acronym Overload: CDP vs. CRM vs. DMP
  • Quick Insight: Streamlining Complex Campaigns
  • How the Travel & Hospitality Industry Can Use a CDP
  • How Retail Banks Benefit from a CDP
  • How a Customer Data Platform Breeds Email Innovation
  • Case Study: Consolidating Technology with a CDP
  • QuickPivot Ada Machine Learning for Retail
  • The Retailer's Guide to Personalized Marketing
  • The Ultimate Guide to Customer Database Solutions
  • Gain Clarity Around Machine Learning
  • A Customer Data Platform or Marketing Automation?
  • Build the Case for a CDP in Your Retail Organization