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(without the hassle)

QuickPivot helps companies make better use of their customer data across all channels. We provide our customers with the same level of enterprise data management as the huge, expensive and difficult to manage solutions. We put the power of an enterprise platform in the hands of marketers.

Why QuickPivot?

Built by marketers for marketers. No SQL required.

Integrated (Or not)

The QuickPivot platform was architected from scratch to give marketers a simple and consistent user experience across ALL modules. Designed to be deployed as a complete marketing stack, all QuickPivot modules work as one to help busy teams handle data management, segmentation, customer journey building, dynamic message delivery (email, web, SMS, direct mail, social) and in depth performance measurement. But just because QuickPivot is fully integrated that doesn’t mean we can’t plug holes in your marketing stack. Our modules are designed for integration and can be pulled apart to add value wherever your marketing stack needs help.


Powerful and Intuitive

Designed for modern marketers, with a consistent UX. Simple, drag and drop features that are easy to learn, with most users running queries, analyzing their data, creating audiences and campaigns within 30 minutes of product training. Behavior based segments are pre-packaged so there is no learning curve. Analysis tools including cross-tabs, frequency distribution, Venn diagrams and look-a-like models are all out-of-the-box capabilities. No SQL knowledge is required, but power users have full SQL comparison operators to get any job done with ease.


You had me at Quick

In the time it’s taking for you to read this sentence, a QuickPivot client just ran a customer data query containing millions of records. Yeah, it’s fast. Target queries run in sub-second time – even on massive data sets – which allows you to iteratively build powerful segments and work at the speed of thinking. That translates into creativity, responsiveness and market advantage. Up and running in days, QuickPivot delivers dramatically shorter campaign cycle times.

Pretty in Print

Most digital marketing tools forget that print marketing is a $46B industry. Not only did we remember, but we did something about it. Target provides full waterfall segmentation planning in your browser. Never again does your email team need to work in a different tool than your catalog team. Target combines online and offline campaign segmentation in the same UI, so targeting can be coordinated across channels.


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As Allen Edmonds further developed its direct-to-consumer business, we knew that we needed a powerful new marketing platform and a flexible business partner. We found both and more in QuickPivot.

Colin Hall, Chief Marketing Officer

QuickPivot’s platform serves as the crux of our marketing ecosystem. With changing business needs, the QuickPivot platform has proven its ability to integrate with a variety of internal and external systems to create a seamless runway for lead management.

Audrey Shum, End-to-end Lead and Demand Management Manager

QuickPivot provides incomparable campaign operations support. Not only are they able to manage our growing business, but they provide important strategic guidance for navigating the MarTech space.

Marc Sherer, Associate Director of US Digital ExecutionA Large American Pharmaceutical Company

QuickPivot's platform offers big data performance showcased in tools like robust cross-channel waterfall counts, real-time lifecycle visualization tools that go beyond the typical flowchart style tools.

Kelly Dedman, Technology Analyst

B2C marketers in retail should consider its updated UX, with QuickCollect and QuickTarget for customer segmentation and QuickPalette for campaign workflows.

Vendor Landscape: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, March 2017

QuickPivot's platform can help our clients eliminate data silos, reduce wasted efforts and optimize customer data across online and offline channels.

Lois Brayfield, CEO