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QuickPivot’s Customer Data Platform is the most extensive and comprehensive CDP on the market. Today’s marketers are drowning in data, and thirsting for insights. Marketers have always used the latest and greatest technology to try and develop a better understanding of their customers. However, this has led to complex marketing technology stacks that disperse and fragment their customer data.

Marketers are forced to manipulate and transfer data through multiple platforms to try and systematically segment and target customers. A true CDP solves these issues, and lets marketers be more creative, make smarter decisions, and have fun again!

Definition of a Customer Data Platform

QuickPivot defines a Customer Data Platform (or CDP) as a data management system that provides a single, 360-degree view of the customer and continuously and automatically updates as new data becomes available. It is not a data management platform since it goes beyond the need for IT support and can be managed by a marketing team.

What Does a Customer Data Platform Do?

While most legacy marketing tools focus on what to do with customer data, customer data platforms focus on the data itself. If customer data is not clean and unified, marketers will find themselves trying to adapt their marketing tools to cover for data inadequacies that restrict a true view of the customer

Who Manages a Customer Data Platform

A customer data platform is owned and manipulated by marketing and is the single point of truth about customers and their interactions with the brand. It provides a way for marketers to harness their customer data from every relevant data source, regardless of its format, and put that data to use.

Modern marketers’ biggest challenge isn’t a lack of data – it’s the inability to quickly draw meaningful and actionable insights from it. The velocity of customer data that’s created every second is not slowing down, and the demand for personalized customer experiences is growing louder by the minute. That customer-driven demand is almost impossible to keep up with, and the expectation of high levels of customized experiences is only growing thanks to the internet’s largest retail sites.  It’s time to empower marketers to own and activate their data so that they can compete with the largest online retail companies in the world. Enter the CDP.

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Customer Data Solutions

CDPs are primarily used to integrate, clean, and house first-party data. Historically, this data has been mangled across multiple systems, making it impossible to create a unified view of the customer, or at the very least, requiring heavy technical lifting. The term 360° view of the customer almost has a mythical ring to it. QuickPivot’s processes and data management tools help to take the mysticism out of customer segmentation while at the same time applying customer data to marketing efforts.

Customer Data Aggregation

Modern marketers are implementing increasingly more data-driven marketing strategies, however, that doesn’t mean they enjoy the data wrangling to fuel those strategies. Marketers do not want to aggregate, clean, and combine data. They just want to use it. Despite all of the customer data solutions out there, none of them come as close to offering what marketers dream of like QuickPivot’s CDP. QuickPivots data aggregation methods, integrations, and tools help to streamline customer data points while at the same time enabling customer targeting across multiple devices without complicated IT structure implementations.

Unified Customer Database Management

A 360 degree customer view

A unified view of the customer comes from a unified customer database. Without the proper technology and processes, managing customer data can be a slow, manual, and never-ending endeavor. By the time the data has been reviewed, cleaned, and integrated by hand, it may be too late to implement a plan to turn data-driven insights into action. A CDP alleviates this issue by allowing marketers to make data-driven decisions that lead to timely and personalized customer interactions, ultimately increasing the lifetime values of the customer and the company’s ROI.

Unified Customer Database Management
Superior Customer Data Segmentation

Superior Customer Data Segmentation

Data-driven personalization

Superior customer segmentation means that the marketer can offer the most granular and targeted customer experience without having to continuously try and make customers fit into their predetermined molds. True customer segmentation is derived from the customer themselves. Customer data can be segmented in many ways and primary use for this data is to create customer profiles. This means that marketers need a system that offers unified, and personalized data views. QuickPivot’s CDP takes this one step further by allowing marketers to target their customers using first-party data across multiple digital marketing avenues. A CDP is the marketer’s solutions to true customer data segmentation and customer profile creation.

Marketer Managed System

Real Time Data Reactions

Marketers need the ability to make real-time adjustments. They need to be able to implement data-driven, personalized experiences, but they also need to be able to implement reactionary experiences based on live data and newly developed customer touch points. Today marketers have access to highly functioning marketing automation tools. A CDP allows marketers to get closer to their customer and understand buying behavior, making it easier to personalize marketing communications via marketing automation platforms and provide highly targeted offers to the right customers.

customer data platform - Real Time Data Reactions

What Makes QuickPivot’s CDP Unique?

No Data ‘Wrangling’

Consolidation of disparate data is our thing. We collect and refine billions of records daily, transforming them into actionable data points for marketers.

Game-Changing Insights

Our Ada Machine Learning capabilities unlock predictive analytics and machine learning for companies of all sizes and fuel smarter marketing campaigns.

Marketing Cycle Time Reduced by 95%

More time to focus on creating eye-catching campaigns and delivering breakthrough results. Less time wrestling with your customer data.

Online-Offline Coordination

Digital marketing and direct mail can now work in tandem, allowing you to effectively leverage all channels to maximize results.

Journey Design is Fast

Our approach is quick and easy. We help you represent complex customer journeys in a simple, straightforward design that you won’t see anywhere else.

Every Data Source Integrated

Increase the value of every piece of technology in your martech stack. We integrate with over 300 systems to create a unified view of the customer.

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