Customer Data Platform Solution Case Study

Our client, a Fintech company, uses QuickPivot’s customer data platform solution to empower their Acquisition, Engagement and Analytics teams to execute multi-channel campaigns. By integrating multiple lines of business, data sources and technologies, they were able to create a full-funnel view of their marketing efforts.

7 to 1

7 sources of data into 1 platform

Superior Customer Segmentation

Fast Campaign Creation

ROI Accountability

Can I use one marketing database to support all of our business lines?

customer data challenge

The Challenge

  • No central marketing database to support marketing across their various lines of business and multiple partners
  • No support for complex audience segmentation and personalization
  • No insight into the long-term profitability of marketing initiatives
customer data platform solution

Our Solution

  • Data Consolidation: We consolidated marketing, sales, account, prospect, and transactional data into a single QuickPivot database that can be used for analytics, segmentation and reporting
  • Platform Integrations: We integrated the database, marketing automation platform, and sales automation tool for better demand generation practices
  • Execution & Reporting: We introduced Target to support “train of thought” analytics, customer segmentation, campaign execution and campaign performance reporting.
improved results

The Results

  • Increased operational efficiencies by reducing a 5-hour campaign planning process into a 15-minute practice
  • Gained the ability to measure 12 and 24-month account profitability
  • Gained the ability to identify and target unique customers that have significant up-sell and cross-sell potential without cannibalizing the existing customer base