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The way consumers shop for goods and services has changed significantly. Consumers are shopping across channels, and doing so continuously, which has created a significant strain on brands who’ve historically merchandised with different teams dedicated to channels

QuickPivot’s Customer Data Platform enables you to plan and execute cross-channel marketing campaigns more effectively. Our intuitive customer journey mapping module eliminates the days of cluttered and complex planning and introduces marketers to an organized and easily editable workspace that breeds agility and creativity.

What is Cross-Channel Marketing?

Cross-channel marketing, also known as multi-channel marketing, allows businesses to create a seamless brand experience across channels, utilizing the data generated within each channel in order to influence other channels.

Note that the important word here is “influence”. Cross-channel marketing is much more than having a marketing presence in multiple channels. It’s about making sure that what a customer sees and does in one channel, impacts what they see and are prompted to do in another channel. For example, a customer who either bounces or never engages with email communications may be more influenced by a direct-mail offer. On the other hand, a customer who is highly-engaged with email may find it repetitive to receive a direct-mail piece with the same content.

Removing the Roadblocks

QuickPivot removes the tactical challenges of cross-channel marketing so that you can focus on getting the best content to the right customers.

Integrate Your Martech Stack

With more than 5000 MarTech vendors on the market, there is seemingly a platform for everything, and MarTech stacks are growing. QuickPivot is able to ingest data from every source in your technology stack and organize it in an actionable manner for marketers.

Seamlessly Plan and Execute Campaigns

Bridge the gap between online and offline marketing channels and develop complete cross-channel marketing campaigns. Our robust library of marketing execution integrations means that campaigns can move from the “planning” stage to “execution” with the push of a button. Need to make a change? Pause. Edit. Relaunch. It’s that easy.

Break Down Silos

Brands can use QuickPivot to develop customer journeys that guide them through a variety of offline and online channels, based on customer behavior and preferences. Our sophisticated data and execution integrations make it easy for marketers to build “if/then” journeys without limitations.

Direct Mail in a Digital World

For too long, direct mail, catalog and circulation professionals have worked in a silo, separate from the digital and e-commerce teams. With a true cross-channel marketing strategy, marketers can ensure that their digital and direct marketing strategies work together in order to provide customers with a seamless and consistent brand experience.

Direct mail professionals use QuickPivot to create lists and customer segmentation that goes beyond just demographic data, incorporating behavior-based marketing strategies to determine what prospects should receive what content.

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