Case Study: Streamlining Email Campaigns

Our client, a Fintech company, came to QuickPivot with a successful email Welcome Program, but behind the scenes, it was mayhem. They were using dozens of campaigns and nearly 300 emails to run a single program. Risk of human error was high, and willingness to make improvements to this complex program was low due to its complexities.

280 to 8

280 to 8 emails




How do I streamline my email campaigns?

customer data challenge

The Challenge

  • A single marketing initiative was over-complicated with more than 35 individual programs in their previous marketing automation platform
  • It was extremely difficult to easily edit multiple emails and campaign workflows
customer data platform solution

Our Solution

  • Migrated from Eloqua to Palette for campaign planning
  • Incorporated dynamic content to reduce the number of emails needed for the campaign
improved results

The Results

  • Reduced the risk of human error by simplifying the email campaign

"Able to do twice as much, with half the people. in half the time."