Case Study: Streamlining Marketing Workflows

Prior to working with QuickPivot, Allen Edmonds’ marketing team used four technology vendors for five marketing capabilities: marketing data management, email marketing, direct-mail, direct-mail reporting and campaign planning. QuickPivot replaced these four vendors and became Allen Edmonds’ complete marketing cloud. Allen Edmonds saw immediate cost savings and improved marketing efficiency.

4 to 1

From 4 technology vendors to 1 complete marketing cloud

How do I consolidate my technology stack to streamline
my marketing workflow?

customer data challenge

The Challenge

  • No APIs or campaign planning capabilities
  • Digital and print campaigns were siloed
  • Infrequent data updates
  • End users didn’t have access to the data they needed to do their jobs
customer data platform solution

Our Solution

  • Implemented QuickPivot’s integrated marketing suite
  • Enabled daily updates of crucial customer data
  • Deliver a single tool for targeting and analysis across all channels
  • Provided a single and consistent user experience that supports digital and catalog print campaign production
improved results

The Results

  • Achieved 10% cost savings
  • Shaved hours and days off production times
  • Executed complex segmentation queries in 0.3 seconds