Case Study: Measuring ROI

Before working with QuickPivot, Allen Edmonds’ customer data was organized by channel, making it impossible to understand how channels worked together and impacted each other. By using QuickPIvot’s complete marking cloud and integration factory, Allen Edmonds was able to consolidate all of their data sources and perform deeper cross-channel analyses.


40% higher life-to-date sales




How do I measure ROI across sales and marketing channels?

customer data challenge

The Challenge

  • Siloed digital and direct-mail campaigns
  • Challenging to segment customers based on cross-channel data
  • Difficult to understand how channels impacted each other
customer data platform solution

Our Solution

  • Implemented QuickPivot’s complete marketing cloud
  • Created a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Enabled easy integration with 3rd parties via API
  • Ran in-depth analyses on existing customer data
improved results

The Results

  • Determined that customers whose first purchase is in-store have, on average, 40% higher life-to-date spending than those who first purchase online
  • Shifted marketing strategy to drive brick-and-mortar store traffic
  • Implemented smarter store expansion planning