QuickPivot’s CTO Describes What Sets QuickPivot Apart From the Competition

Bob MacInnis provides vision, thought leadership, and technical insight into the development of QuickPivot™. As CTO, Bob is responsible for ensuring that QuickPivot proactively, and continually delivers marketing technology that provides clients with an innovative and competitive advantage.

Having been in the industry a while, I tend to come across the same few questions that everyone asks regarding our marketing technology.  Whether it be our partners, other agencies, current clients or prospects, people always want to know about our beliefs in the product, how we stack up against competitors and how we can make their lives easier. So, I tried to put together a basic, comprehensive description of a few of these items.

I like to lead off with our core competencies of the platform and services, in terms of three primary items.

The first being TECHNOLOGY:

We like to say that our technology is invisible in that it never gets in the way. We focus on two things:

1. Making sure that the underlying data is in great shape, and providing applications that are truly useable by marketers.
2. Most users are running queries, analyzing their data, creating audiences and campaigns within 30 minutes of training on the product.

The second would be STRATEGY:

Everyone on our account teams has a very strong digital marketing background and many come from some of the best direct marketing agencies in the United States.  Based upon our client’s needs, we will take anywhere from a 100% hands-on approach to 100% hands off.  Just let us know

And third is EXECUTION:

This is where many marketing campaigns fail – many times because of disjointed marketing efforts across channels.  We do not let this happen to our clients.  Our delivery engines are the best in the business and we have taken advantage of every level of marketing automation possible.  Whether sending out 10,000,000 emails or 10,000,000 postal records, our systems will handle the painful details and provide clients with:

1. Consistency
2. Faster execution
3. Dramatically shorter cycle times

After the core competencies, we usually get a question like “can you discuss your competitors and the ever growing base of marketing technology and how QuickPivot fits?”

The quick answer is: our company and software has been delivering advanced marketing solutions for over 15 years and it shows.

Being in the MarTech sector that is filled with thousands of competitors, we  run into other companies that do something similar, but we feel we fit in a specific niche. We are at an interesting point in time where virtually every company in our space has been purchased by Oracle (Responsys, Eloqua), Adobe (Neolane, Omniture), Salesforce (ExtactTarget, Krux),  Experian (Cheetahmail, Conversen) and IBM (SilverPop, Unica, Coremetrics). Some have done an OK job integrating our former competitors, and others have failed miserably.  To make matters worse, many are shedding customers who don’t have revenues of a billion or more, and marketing budgets of healthy 8 figures.  We will gladly take those brands that get cast off by our bigger competitors, and we’ll help them grow their revenues 10 fold.

At the same time, there are new companies with only a couple years under their belt trying to fill the void with new offerings – often without understanding this space and what the requirements are to build a truly functional Cross Channel Digital Marketing system.  The one thing these companies have going for them is that they are easy to use – but that’s because they simply offer limited functionality.

Even though we’ve been delivering marketing solutions for over 15 years, QuickPivot as a brand has only been officially in business a little short of four years. With that said, the brand and technology isn’t as recognizable as the larger brands previously mention. And that’s because we originally started off as two companies – one focused on building digital marketing systems for some of the largest companies in the United States, and another delivering digital messaging, also to some of the largest.  We merged three years ago and have been in stealth mode until 18 months ago when we rebranded as QuickPivot. Over that time we have built software to bridge these two great technologies.  Notably, QuickTarget, which is now considered the industry’s premier targeting technology, and QuickPalette which has received a patent for its unique approach to building customer journeys.  Together the entire platform has won multiple industry awards.  We like to describe ourselves as a startup with 15 profitable years behind us, scores of satisfied customers with us, and a product roadmap that will blow away competitive offerings.  And we promise that no matter how large we get, our focus will always be on our customers and not our bottom line, because we understand that happy customers are our greatest reward – for both our customers and our people.

We believe we have the ideal offering in terms of people, process and technology for this current marketplace.  In order to improve targeting, segmenting and decision-making, companies need to incorporate as many touch points as possible for their campaign planning and execution.  All marketing initiatives need to be 100% trackable with tools to interpret or visualize performance and results.  At the same time, marketing budgets are stretched as far they will go and CEOs are asking for immediate increases in revenue.  CMOs are being pushed to deliver like never before, and they are feeling the pressure, with average CMO tenure dipping to an all-time low. QuickPivot is uniquely positioned to offer the best of both the on-line and offline worlds without breaking the bank, and without making the CMO feel like they are locked into or locked out of emerging technology trends.

Now that I’ve provided the high level information on the company, software and industry, potential customers get into the nitty-gritty aspects of the technology: implementation, data, client services and finally, pricing.  Here’s more information on those items:


We can get systems up and running within 24 hours of receiving data from our clients.  Not all systems can be built that fast – some will take 2-4 weeks and complex systems could take as long as 2-3 months.  In some cases, it may make sense to build the system in phases – our systems were designed so that any project can be broken down into manageable pieces without compromising the enterprise vision. The goal is to get moving quickly, and collapse the time it takes for our platform to create incremental value for our clients. We will work with you to help determine how much or how little data we/you will need to accomplish your objectives.  If need be, we can always add more data and functionality without compromising your existing system.

Our marketing systems were designed by industry veterans who have built some of the most successful digital marketing systems in the world.  While each system is unique in its own way, there is a significant amount of overlap in terms of functionality and data relationships.  By building upon the best practices of the best systems, our product has an underlying structure unlike anything in the market.  Most companies make their money on the consulting involved in getting a system up and running.   Our goal is to help you with your marketing and as a result we set your system up with a minimal consultative needs so that you can spend your limited budget on what really matters – communicating effectively to your customers and increasing your bottom line.


Many of our software modules are built with open source software that has been modified to deliver exceptional marketing results.  For instance, our segmentation engine performs at speeds greater than other systems that cost 2x or 3x more than ours, and many of those systems are significantly slower and much less flexible. Additionally, we send email directly out of our platform without having to resort to outsourcing to external vendors – which most often results in a disjointed effort, loss of control and finger pointing when things go wrong.  When working with us, we accept full responsibility for all aspects your marketing communications, and if something does go awry, we will work around the clock to correct any issues – because we can – because all the hardware and software you use is 100% under our control.


We like to say that we have the best Marketing Services team because they get to work with the best Marketing Software. If you require help for a month, a year or longer we are there to help for as long as you need.

With all of that said, there are definitely companies that don’t need our software. Identifying those types of companies helps us focus our business development efforts so we can quickly evaluate potential clients with the best fit.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re currently evaluating new marketing technology:

Are your business requirements such that it is essential for you to have the product in-house?

If so, we are not the company for you.  We looked at the costs involved with offering on-premise installs and figured out pretty quickly that packaging the software/databases this way would be a distraction for both our current and future customers.  We would essentially become a software distribution vendor, and the result would be us losing our focus as a marketing organization.  Our products were in the cloud long before people heard the term cloud.

Do you only want to work with a very large company (IBM, Oracle, Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce, Marketo)?

If so, look elsewhere.  Our current size allows us to give personal attention to every one of our customers.  Will we grow? Definitely.  Do we want to be as big as IBM?  Of course, but the reality is that no marketing firm will get that big.

Finally, if you are very happy with current vendor, keep them.

There’s more than enough work to go around and we are very cognizant of the time, effort and expense involved when working with any outside company.

That’s it for now! Feel free to reach out to us if you’re reading this and have any further questions or want to dive deeper on how QuickPivot can help.

Bob MacInnis
CTO of QuickPivot