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Back to the Future With Direct Mail

Snail mail. Dead trees. Offline media. It's hard to think of a current term for direct mail marketing that isn't dismissive or worse. Surely direct mail and catalogs are close to dead if they haven't already breathed their last. All you have to do is look at the numbers. Oh wait. They tell a different…
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The Frankenstein Conundrum

As marketers, innovators and communicators stand on the edge of this era of innovation, the possibilities in front of us are, indeed, marvelous and inspiring. We find ourselves charting waters that we do not entirely understand, and working tirelessly to achieve excellence across an ever-shifting landscape. But let’s be honest: It’s not the customer who…
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Agile Methodology for Marketing

Agile and Scrum were conceived several decades ago, but did not find favor until the mid-1990s, in large part as a reaction to the rising popularity of the internet.  As the pace of business increased, development teams were unable to keep up while still abiding by process regulations and quarterly or annual goal metrics. Sound familiar? Marketing is experiencing the exact…
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