Why The Hospitality Industry Needs To Worry About Data Security

When guests are traveling, they’re exchanging a lot of valuable information every day with hotels, airlines, rental companies, and more throughout the hospitality industry. This requires them to trust each of those companies to keep their data secure and private - from their financial information to the fact that they’re even there (especially higher ranking…
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Bleisure Travel: How To Get Business Guests To Stay A Little Longer

As our world becomes increasingly always-on, with the line between work and play blurring beyond recognition, the way we travel for work is also changing. Enter: bleisure travel, or business trips that mix in an actual vacation by taking advantage of the flights and accommodations already comp’d by the employer. This can be something as…
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Go Mobile (and Personalized) for 2016 Holiday Retailing Success

The only things that holiday shoppers want this year are personalization, convenience and mobile — in short, everything — but if you’re a retailer and looking for 2016 holiday retailing success, don't let that intimidate you. Retailers that know what to expect can prepare themselves to meet those shoppers' needs and have a successful holiday…
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