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Welcome to Machine Learning: Big Data, Big Opportunities.

As well as being a major buzzword and top “industry trend” for 2017, machine learning is a powerful tool with a lot of applications. It’s not just for medical diagnostics and high-stakes investing; today Big Data delivers a range of powerful insights for a variety of industries. It is no surprise that companies that feature…
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APIs Keep Retail Banks Relevant in the Digital Age

People have always needed the products and services that retail banks offer, and they probably always will. But they may not always need the traditional banks as we've known them. Savings accounts, checking accounts, money transfers, credit cards, home and auto loans, small business loans - these are all a big part of people's lives. But there…
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Realities of the Tech-Enabled CMO

If you are a chief marketing officer in 2016, your ability to leverage the power of technology is increasingly tied to your ability to be successful. The Gartner prediction that CMOs will outspend CIOs in the tech realm by 2017 is quickly becoming a reality. The more technology-enabled consumers become, the more important the role…
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