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QuickPivot’s CTO Describes What Sets QuickPivot Apart From the Competition

Bob MacInnis provides vision, thought leadership, and technical insight into the development of QuickPivot™. As CTO, Bob is responsible for ensuring that QuickPivot proactively, and continually delivers marketing technology that provides clients with an innovative and competitive advantage. Having been in the industry a while, I tend to come across the same few questions that…
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Learning From Failure: The Upside of Downturn in Big Retail

Early 2017 has been eye-popping for big retail, with The Limited filing for Chapter 11 and iconic brands like Macy’s and Sears announcing major store closures. However, within these landmark events, we can find an equally important theme: sometimes the biggest failures in life give way to the most important successes. After all, “Failure is…
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2017’s Most Wanted: IT Professionals

IT Professionals Things are heating up in the technology sector, so now we’re going to look at IT Professionals. As a group, IT professionals are quite diverse—just like the tech they rep. However, there are some unifying traits, and we’ll take a look at those. We’ll identify who they are, how to find them, how…
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