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2017’s Most Wanted: IT Professionals

IT Professionals Things are heating up in the technology sector, so now we’re going to look at IT Professionals. As a group, IT professionals are quite diverse—just like the tech they rep. However, there are some unifying traits, and we’ll take a look at those. We’ll identify who they are, how to find them, how…
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Welcome to Machine Learning: Big Data, Big Opportunities.

As well as being a major buzzword and top “industry trend” for 2017, machine learning is a powerful tool with a lot of applications. It’s not just for medical diagnostics and high-stakes investing; today Big Data delivers a range of powerful insights for a variety of industries. It is no surprise that companies that feature…
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Loyalty in the Age of the Digitally Native Consumer

In just about any industry, customer loyalty is driven by the amount of trust a person has in a brand. Does the brand consistently do what it says it will do? Does the brand do it well? Does the brand go out of its way to give the customer a satisfying experience on his or…
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