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Saving Financial Services in a Fickle Digital Culture

According to a recent survey, more than half of banking executives want to improve their social and mobile channels. However, the same survey revealed that over 50% of consumers did not feel their bank knows them as a customer (TimeTrade). The challenge facing banking executives in 2017 is bigger than just shifting budget towards mobile…
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3 Tips to Convert One-Day Sale Shoppers to Long-Term Customers

We still talk about the “holiday shopping season” in America, but really it’s the dedicated one-day sales that grab the attention of consumers and the media alike. For example: Take a look at “Christmas shopping” (blue) vs. “Black Friday” (red) in Google Trends since 2004:   That is a pretty remarkable growth in interest around…
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Omnichannel Inspiration

The definition of the term "omnichannel" may vary depending on who you ask. We certainly received a lot of input on the subject from the 10 retail marketing professionals who helped us put together our 2016 Retail Predictions Report. However, the recurring theme of this topic is creating an optimal and seamless experience for your…
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