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QuickPivot Recognized as a Top 20 Most Promising CRM Solution of 2017

Originally distributed April 4, 2017 by CIOReview In today’s hyper-competitive digital marketing realm, businesses are investing substantial efforts and resources to retain and expand their existing customer base. In the wake of overwhelming amounts of customer data being generated through multiple channels, contextual Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and data-driven retention marketing have become imperatives for…
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One Click Payments

Breaking barriers and building sales It’s really quite simple—the fewer the barriers and shorter the path, the easier it is to close the sale. No one likes to wait in long lines, and any business that can’t find a way to manage the sales process—on or offline—is unlikely to last long. This has always presented…
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Mashed-up Marketing: Creating Opportunities with Out-of-the-Box Collaboration

Shop this way In 1986, Boston rockers Aerosmith went into the studio with hip-hop pioneers Run-DMC and re-recorded the 1975 hit, Walk This Way. That collaboration literally broke down walls and altered pop, rock, and rap music forever. It changed the career trajectory of Aerosmith and introduced Run-DMC to new audiences. Fast forward a few…
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