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3 Tips to Convert One-Day Sale Shoppers to Long-Term Customers

We still talk about the “holiday shopping season” in America, but really it’s the dedicated one-day sales that grab the attention of consumers and the media alike. For example: Take a look at “Christmas shopping” (blue) vs. “Black Friday” (red) in Google Trends since 2004:   That is a pretty remarkable growth in interest around…
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Journey Mapping – The Path to Increased Revenue

Think of journey mapping as the storyboard for your customer’s experience. It’s where you outline a picture and short narrative of exactly how you want the experience to unfold. The design should be simple enough that anyone in your organization could scan it quickly, see what you are trying to accomplish, and participate in a…
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Triple Threat Content – Triple the Results

The holidays are right around the corner, and retail marketers are looking at their revenue as well as their budget to see what they can do to close the year with a bang. Even with limited time and resources, there are actions you can take right now to boost your content marketing efforts and increase revenue to make…
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