Bleisure Travel: How To Get Business Guests To Stay A Little Longer

As our world becomes increasingly always-on, with the line between work and play blurring beyond recognition, the way we travel for work is also changing. Enter: bleisure travel, or business trips that mix in an actual vacation by taking advantage of the flights and accommodations already comp’d by the employer. This can be something as simple as adding in a few extra sight-seeing excursions to bringing along family and extending the time spent at a particular location.

According to recent research, over 60% of professionals have taken bleisure trips. So how can your brand take advantage of this? If your brand is part of the travel and tourist industry, there are several things you can do:

Offer Incentives To Add Some Luxe To That Tux

The best and most straightforward way to encourage your guests to extend or enhance their stay is to incentivize them to do so. This can take the form of offering a discounted price for an additional guest or guests, deals on tickets to local shows or attractions, or vouchers for local restaurants. It’s easier to get someone who’s already having fun to want to do more, than to break someone who is focused on work to switch gears suddenly.

As you’re considering this, also take a look at what companies’ are sending their employees to your brand on a regular basis. Reach out to those brands and offer a partnership - they’ll be able to advertise a new and trendy perk, and you’ll have a more reliable stream of revenue.

Plan Itineraries To Take The Leg Work Out Of Leisure

The last thing most people who are traveling for work, and who likely spent all day being productive and high energy, want to do is sit in a hotel room and try to find something fun to do that night. In our experience, that scenario almost always results in a bottle of wine from room service and a Netflix binge session.

An easy way to combat this phenomenon is to create a few handy itineraries and calendars, and stock them with a variety of events, from family friendly festivals to late night comedy. If you can offer them a discount, even better - however, simply doing the planning for them will encourage attendance.

Planning out an itinerary and having an updated calendar is especially important if you serve a smaller town with less obvious things to do. Essentially, if you’re a hotel in Manhattan, it’s likely that your guests are already directed to great dining and entertainment experiences - if you’re in Hartford, Connecticut, your guests will definitely appreciate the direction.

If you can send out an itinerary of the week ahead with your confirmation emails, that may just be the prompt your guest needs to extend their stay by a few days, and maybe even bring along their spouse.

Market To Conferences To Group Your Giveaways

Conferences and corporate events are a great opportunity to talk to a large portion of your target market all at once. Offer coupons to attendees, have a presence at the event, or even host an afterparty event (if your establishment has a bar or restaurant included or affiliated) to massively increase your brand awareness. It’s more than likely that those same people will be in the area for the same reason again - especially if it’s an annual event!

Make Sure Your Online And Mobile Sites Are Breezy

There’s one thing the bleisure audience has in common - they are, by definition, very busy and trying to multitask some fun into their time working. What this means for your brand is that they’re unlikely to want to spend much time at all trying to find your brand. Make it as easy as possible - focus on easy to navigate websites with high quality SEO, lots of pictures, and information that’s front and center. If that all presents just as well on mobile, you’re golden.