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ebay marketing personalization
BlogCustomer Experience
May 21, 2018

eCommerce News: eBay’s getting more personalized, and you can too

eBay, one of the earliest and most well-known eCommerce innovators, has a problem: there are too many different items for…
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how customer data helps big brands compete against DTC
BlogCustomer Data
May 11, 2018

How Customer Data Helps Big Brands Respond to DTC Challengers

If you’ve spent time on any social media platform in the past few years, chances are you’ve seen ads for…
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CDP and marketing automation hero image
BlogCustomer Data
May 2, 2018

How a Customer Data Platform Enhances Marketing Automation

Marketing automation (MA) is one of the most commonly used marketing technologies. It has the potential to boost team productivity,…
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banking machine learning
BlogData and Analytics
April 16, 2018

Practical Machine Learning: The Use Case in Retail Banking

Despite all of the buzz about machine learning and AI, it’s still relatively rare to see concrete examples of practical…
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customer data platform resources
BlogCustomer Data
April 9, 2018

Top Resources on Customer Data Platforms

By now, you’ve probably heard or seen something about the emerging trend of Customer Data Platforms (CDP), but you may…
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customer data survey
BlogCustomer Data
March 28, 2018

We Need Your Help: Take the State of Customer Data Survey

We just launched our State of Customer Data survey and need your help. Please take this anonymous survey! We’re compelled…
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direct mail and customer data platform
BlogCustomer Data
March 16, 2018

Direct Mail + Customer Data Platform = Pure Marketing Magic

The NEMOA Spring Summit, the catalog and eCommerce industry's biggest national summit, just ended today, and the days flew by. We…
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quality customer data
BlogCustomer Data
February 13, 2018

Six Elements of High-Quality Customer Data

Executing successful, revenue-impacting marketing campaigns all comes down to whether or not you have high-quality customer data. You can develop…
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martech secret
BlogMarketing Services
February 7, 2018

The One Thing That No MarTech Company Wants to Admit

Marketing technology isn’t always the answer. As a company that develops marketing technology, that can be hard to admit, but…
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The New Frontier Of Marketing - The Customer Data Platform
BlogCross-channel Marketing
November 20, 2017

The New Frontier of Marketing Technology: The Customer Data Platform

For the past year, Google searches for “Customer Data Platform” have been steadily rising and the market for them has…
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excess marketing budget
BlogData and Analytics
November 1, 2017

Marketer to Marketer: Taking Advantage of Excess Marketing Budget

If you’re one of the lucky marketers to have some excess budget at this point in the year, it’s time…
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ada hero image 2
BlogData and Analytics
October 30, 2017

What’s in a Name: Ada the Machine Learning Suite

This week we introduced a machine learning suite of predictive marketing models, and we named the suite Ada. The suite…
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