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The Premier Customer Data Platform for Cross-Channel Campaign Management

QuickPivot was founded on the belief that marketers should have easier access to their customer data so they can develop engaging, data-driven, cross-channel campaigns without technical complexity.

Ultimately, we want marketers to view customer data as we do: a valuable tool that helps drive business forward – not a source of frustration. We strongly believe that marketers shouldn’t have to be data science gurus or shadow IT professionals in order to make their data work for them. It’s this belief and desire to support marketers that drives the products and services we offer.

Our History

QuickPivot was formed in 2012 following the acquisition of SmartSource by Extraprise. Extraprise’s years of experience building customized marketing and customer databases and SmartSource’s cutting-edge email marketing software brought together the ideal mix of ingredients to create a marketer-friendly customer data technology platform. In 2015, those ingredients came together to form what is now the premier customer data platform for brands looking to engage their customers in relevant and personalized cross-channel campaigns.

In 2019, QuickPivot joined the Vericast family, a marketing solutions company that accelerates profitable revenue growth for the 70,000 businesses it serves directly by influencing consumer transaction behavior at scale and engaging with over 120 million households daily. Its major business units, Valassis, Harland Clarke, and RetailMeNot are recognized as leading providers of incentive advertising, marketing services, transaction solutions, education services, and intelligent media delivery that create millions of customer touch points annually for their clients.

Why QuickPivot

Marketers constantly feel the squeeze to deliver results, and time never seems to be on their side. Their time shouldn’t be spent combing through seemingly endless amounts of customer records or waiting on data science teams to return the results of analytics (and hoping it’s relevant).

What it should be spent on is producing high quality, customer-centric, cross-channel campaigns that drive engagement and build their brand. And the key to more profitable, impactful campaigns is for marketers to target customers with personalized materials using specific data points which they’ve personally queried and analyzed.

We recognize that many marketers don’t possess technical knowledge of data management and analysis, and frankly they shouldn’t be required to.

The QuickPivot Customer Data Platform was purposely designed with this in mind, and combines big data analytics, customer insights, intuitive visual segmentation, and simple customer journey mapping in one unified SaaS offering.

The platform is used by organizations worldwide, including Hewlett-Packard, MacKenzie-Childs, the National Hockey League and Orvis. It is used by our clients to access 290 million customer profiles, send over 2 billion emails annually, and activate data across 6 marketing channels.

QuickPivot has received industry innovation awards from MITX and the Stevie Awards, and has been awarded two government patents for its leading product design.

Trusted by some of the most iconic names in business worldwide

and used by our customers to:


290 million

customer profiles

send over

2 billion

emails annually

activate data across

6 marketing


“The QuickPivot CDP has allowed us to move much more aggressively, make more strategic decisions, and feel confident”

– Larry Shaw, CMO of MacKenzie-Childs

Workplace and Culture

Located just outside of Boston, our diverse workforce is comprised of innovators, marketers, technologists and data scientists working together to change the way brands approach their customer data.

QuickPivot offers a collaborative, client-focused, and supportive work environment, and strongly promotes and encourages a healthy work-life balance. A committee of employees, known as QuickRec, coordinates events that bring employees together for social and team-building activities throughout the year. Our employees also attend and volunteer at a number of events each year, and QuickPivot is proud to support local charities such as Cradles to Crayons.

QuickPivot’s senior leadership team has extensive experience in the MarTech industry and draws on their combined experience to guide the company towards its strategic goals. They believe strongly in transparency and approachability and have created an environment where employees can grow both personally and professionally and build meaningful relationships with one another.

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