We recently unified our company-wide offering under our parent company: Vericast®. As one unified brand, we offer even more resources, innovation, and expertise to help you connect with and motivate your customers, driving real growth for your business.

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Why QuickPivot?

Let’s face it, managing customer data is the hardest job in Marketing. But when your customer data is easy, marketers can get back to doing what they love. Being strategic, creative, collaborative, instinctive. And with a 95% reduction in Marketing cycle time, you and your team will have more time to focus on delivering breakthrough results, not wrestling with your customer data.

Customer Data Platform – Complete Integration

We offer the most extensible Customer Data Platform in the market. Maybe you’re looking for the best CDP to plug into your existing stack? Or maybe you want to consolidate multiple vendors to streamline your entire workflow and get everyone working from the same tools? Or you might just need a more robust ESP? Our goal is to solve problems, so we can plug in wherever we’re needed.

Eliminate data ‘wrangling’

Consolidation of disparate data is our thing. A complete view of the customer requires pulling data from many sources, and making sure it’s as clean, current and as trustworthy as possible. We collect and refine billions of customer records daily.

Plug into everything

QuickPivot can future-proof your technology stack by integrating with over 300 different systems. Keep the ones you love, replace the ones you don’t. No matter what you use, our job is to help you stay connected to the user data, insights and triggers you need to drive breakthrough results.

customer data point journey

Game-changing journey design

Once you see Palette, our award-winning customer journey mapping module in action, all other customer journey tools will seem difficult and antiquated. Intuitive, insanely quick, with the unique ability to see the “water through the pipes” so you know which programs are working in real-time.

Deliver breakthrough insights

Once all of your customer data is unified, Machine Learning can find those hidden insights, trends and “Aha!” moments that can really make a difference. Our Machine Learning suite, Ada, contains standard AI models and predictive analytics that make it easy for marketers to get started.

customer data insights

Bridge Online/Offline

Most digital marketing tools forget that print marketing is a $46B industry. Not only did we remember, but we did something about it. Our powerful, lightning fast segmentation module, Target, combines online and offline customer segmentation in the same UI, so targeting can be seamlessly coordinated across channels.

Ready to see the platform in action?

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QuickPivot’s platform serves as the crux of our marketing ecosystem. With changing business needs, the QuickPivot platform has proven its ability to integrate with a variety of internal and external systems to create a seamless runway for lead management.

Audrey Shum, End-to-end Lead and Demand Management Manager

QuickPivot's platform offers big data performance showcased in tools like robust cross-channel waterfall counts, real-time lifecycle visualization tools that go beyond the typical flowchart style tools.

Kelly Dedman, Technology Analyst

B2C marketers in retail should consider its updated UX, with QuickCollect and QuickTarget for customer segmentation and QuickPalette for campaign workflows.

Vendor Landscape: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, March 2017

QuickPivot's platform can help our clients eliminate data silos, reduce wasted efforts and optimize customer data across online and offline channels.

Lois Brayfield, CEO

As Allen Edmonds further developed its direct-to-consumer business, we knew that we needed a powerful new marketing platform and a flexible business partner. We found both and more in QuickPivot.

Colin Hall, Chief Marketing Officer

QuickPivot's platform serves as the crux of our marketing ecosystem. With changing business needs, the QuickPivot platform has proven its ability to integrate with a variety of internal and external systems to create a seamless runway for lead management.

Audrey Shum, End-to-End Lead and Demand Management Manager

QuickPivot provides incomparable campaign operations support. Not only are they able to manage our growing business, but they provide important strategic guidance for navigating the MarTech space.

Marc Sherer, Associate Director of US Digital ExecutionA large American pharmaceutical company

The QuickPivot platform provides a wide range of capabilities for my team to utilize for our email marketing campaigns. With the ability to test subject lines and content, and have the reporting to analyze and clearly identify the results, QuickPivot continues to help Allen Edmonds improve their targeted messaging and customer journeys.

Lauren Wright, Senior Manager of CRM

After looking at all of the big cloud players in the space, QuickPivot really impressed us with their customer data expertise and their ability to optimize, segment, journey map and campaign all within the same tool was impressive. Our entire team is looking forward to the greater efficiency QuickPivot is bringing.

Gregor Ruthven, SVP Worldwide